Too long to wait for too little service

Here is my rant for today:
I took my kid to a specialist to discuss putting tubes inn his ears for cronic ear infections. I showed up early with all of my paperwork filled out and sat down with my husband and my child’s twin brother. Keep in mind my kids are only 17 months old. They played in the waiting room until 20 minutes after our appointment was supposed to start until we were called back. The doctor came in for 2 minutes had us wait another 10 minutes for a gossipy woman waiting to do a hearing test. The woman claimed she was behind because she was working alone today and her secretary was out but she had pleanty of time to gossip with her co workers. The hearing test took 5 minutes MAX then we were ushered back into the exam room where my other child and husband were waiting. Of course by this time my kids were restless they were opening and closing drawers (empty drawers) and I was tired and OVER IT! Outside the door I could hear at least three nurses gossiping about what they would be cooking for dinner among various other things. One of them actually came in and asked my kids to quiet down…REALLY? I completely ignored her and asked when the doctor would arrive, he walked in right behind her, spent less than two minutes explaining these tubes and then I was shooed out of the of the office to go sit in yet ANOTHER waiting area to get scheduling for the surgery. AT THIS POINT I HAD HAD IT! I demanded that they either call me for scheduling or that they help me right away.
To all healthcare providers out there know this: we do not mind sitting in a waiting room for however long it takes to see someone, but the wait shouldn’t be 200% more time than the actual healthcare. Surgery is expensive even something as simple as putting tubes in a child’s ears and now this man will lose our business because I have contacted the pediatrician for a new referall. As a whole I am tired of shoddy service. You go through a drive thru and some teen with an attitude is popping their gum and has the attention span of a moth on crack and they mess up your order. You practically have to run down an associate at
walmart and stand firmly in their path to get assistance, and you may as well take a seditive before calling to pay a bill by phone, but when this behavior leaks over into the healthcare profession I call FOWL! I just won’t put up with it ESPECIALLY for a service which costs $50+ a pop! I’m fed up and speaking out!

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