Division amongst the saints

This has been on my mind and heart for a while so here goes:

Your church is made up of a lot of different people which means a lot of different opinions. It baffels me when I see people become so offended by differing opinions that it begins to affect their relationships with other believers.

I am all for hearing differing opinions. It doesn’t mean that I will eventually agree with you, it does mean that I want to hear what you have to say.

When we allow our opinions to come between us, allow it to keep us from talking to one another, or bring us to the point of giving each other evil looks THAT is a problem.

Now personally, I’m pretty oblivious to others’ feelings toward me, and I have never experienced it personally, but I have see it as a third party. I have even seen a church split over differing opinions. HOW CRAZY!

Church is not some magical place where everyone is going to agree with everything you say. It’s a place full of people, much like your job, your bank, and your grocery store, but it IS a place where we should all be able to get over our differences. WHO CARES if everyone dosent agree that the best color in the world is blue or that the best dish at the church pot luck is cake on a stick????

The next time you decide to allow a difference to come between you…think about this: third graders fight one day and are best friends the next, which one of you is more mature?

Again I’ve never had it happpen to me…but it’s something to think about.

Sorry this if this isn’t as “interesting” as my other posts…just my thought for this evening.

4 thoughts on “Division amongst the saints

  1. Good thought, and true. I’ve seen it happen as well. But, I’m the same way as you concerning myself- generally oblivious to anyone’s negative thoughts about or toward me! 🙂

  2. Were you aware that the last church mentioned in Revelation, Laodicea comes from 2 Greek words and means people’s opinions or people’s judgement? It’s the only church Jesus has absolutely no praise for. In fact the church wants to make him puke. there are over 25,000 denominations worldwide that are based on people’s opinions and their interpretations of scripture.

    • Perhaps you misunderstood. I am not saying that all denominations should come together and agree to disagree. I am an independent Baptist. I believe that those who believe in the Fundemental teachings of the Bible should not allow the little things to come between them. Hence the examples given above.

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