You have the right to remain silent!

On a regular basis I hear people saying “it’s a free country I have the right to say/ do whatever I want”. Let me enlighten you:

People bleed and die for your freedom. As an army brat let me mention the fact that soldiers live day in day out for months or even years at a time with their lives on the line too secure your freedom. Families wait at home wrining their hands jumping at every knock on the door worrying it is condolance officers.

Those that burn flags, that use their “freedom of speech” for the purpose of racial slurs or pejudice speech aren’t worthy of the blood that bought and secured their freedom.

So here’s a tip, if you have contributed nothing to securing your freedom, if you have made no sacrifices for it START using it wisely and stop using it as a pedastool to do whatever awful thing you can think of, because when you do, you may as well have spat in the faces of those who made the sacrifice.

Remember while you have the freedom of speech you also have the freedom to remain silent especially of you have nothing intelligent to say!

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