I need a man!

So many times I have heard single women state that they “need a man”. Recently I was part of such a discussion with a woman. Her reasoning for needing a man wa that he could open pickle jars for her, take care of household issues as well as take care of her car. This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
I become so frusterated with people like this it drives me insane so here are my thoughts on the subject:

Too often we rush into relationships because we feel we NEED somone. what we REALLY need to do is to learn to be self sufficent. In the past two weeks I have seen at least three different women go in and out of relationships with different people because they felt they NEEDED someone.

Here’s a tip: learn to open your own pickle jars (walmart sells pleanty of helpful grips), learn to unclocg your own sink, and learn to plunge your own toilet! Even if you get a man, what if something happens to him and he can no longer help you around the house? Whould that then make him less of a man? Would you leave him to find someone else who can do these things?

I woke up the other morning to a flat tire, I was more than happy to allow my husband to change it for me, but the truth of the matter is I know how to change my own tire, so if he were to pass away, I could make that happen. Maybe I can’t fix an oil leak or the head gasket and probably shouldn’t pop the hood at all but I know pleanty of people who could help me in those situations and it is definately not a reason to start a relationship.

Too many times in my job I speak to people who say they know nothing abouth the household finances and are in a bind because their spouse took care of everything and passed away. They get no time to grieve or collect their feelings because they spend evey waking moment trying to figure out who holds their mortgage, how much the paymets are, how to pay their phone bill, why the cable bill is $200 and finding out when the electirc bill is due so it doesn’t get turned off!

If you aren’t in a relationship don’t rush into one because you “need a man around the house” take out your own trash, learn to change your own tire, and figure out how to program your own surround sound system.

If you are married, learn what your spouse does and how he/she does it. Don’t be left in a bad situation if your spouse dies because “he/she took care of all of that.”

As my mother says: “you can’t be something to someone else unless you are a whole person yourself”

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