A message lost

If you have watched the news on an even semi-regular basis you are aware that there is an increased issue with bullying lately. Things have increased to the point where we are seeing more suicides, and more murders. This post however, is not to state the obvious “bullying a minority is wrong” but it is to also state something that is not talked about as often “retaliatory bullying is wrong”

As a Christian I hear a lot of people of different backgrounds stating that Christians are bullies. Homosexuals, athiests, and liberals many times feel bullied by Christians. While I find that sad, I must say, your argument is completly lost on me when you begin to bully back, at that point you are no longer the opressed victim but you have now put yourself in the same postion you claim to hate.

over the past few weeks I have seen several examples of this, but for the sake of time I will give you two.

An athiest woman I know constantly posts links showing how Christians have opressed athiests. One post inculded a video game which was supposedly created by “Christians” in which they were to try to convert athiests and if they couldn’t they were supposed to murder them. Another was about a group of “Christians” who were constantly praying for some women to get breast cancer because they were not in agreement with their beliefs. While I don’t personally know any Christians who would subscribe to any of these awful practices, I know this stuff does happen. I find it to be deploreable behavior. THEN however, she posts things relating God to the Easter Bunny, and others stating how silly and stupid Christians are to hold beliefs.

I have another friend who is openly homosexual. She has in the past posted things that are well thought out defending her postion. Recently however, she posted a couple of links that promote some “Christian Bashing”.

Here’s the thing, you can not cry about being bullied then turn around and do the same thing. If you really want your voice and your side of things to be heard you will have to be the bigger person. Sadly I must say that when people engage in this kind of behavior, their message becomes lost. I would equate this to Martian Luther King Jr. And his fight for civil rights. Clearly black people were being opressed, that’s not even in question, but how much longer would it have taken for people to change their behavior if he had included many “white bashing” statements in his famous “I have a dream speech”?

This goes for all things, all people in all walks of life. If you are tired of feeling opressed, bullied or abused, don’t do it to others! Instead, stand together, show a united front. Give sensible arguments, if you dont , your arguments will fall on deaf ears, and your message (no matter how good) will be lost.

One thought on “A message lost

  1. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post once again soon. I don’t feel I could have put it far better myself. 284500

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