Hate Spewed from the Pulpit

For those who haven’t heard the story, a pastor in North Carolina stated the following:

“Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there,”

“Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out…and you know what, in a few years, they’ll die out…do you know why? They can’t reproduce!”

To see the video feel free to click on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2n7vSPwhSU&feature=player_embedded

Recently I’ve been asked by some of my friends who are homosexual why there hasn’t been a great uprising making the pastor step down or some kind of picketing etc. I’ve also been asked in the past “why does it matter if we get married?”. So it’s time to tackle the issue head on.

First of all, I want to make it clear this is NOT my church, before this I had never been to the church nor had I heard of this pastor.

why is there no uprising? why aren’t we forcing the man to step down?

Ironically, shortly after having heard this question, I saw the story on the news and people are picketing his church, but here is why we as Baptists are not forcing the man to step down. Independent Baptists run much differently than an organization such as Catholicism. In a Catholic church, if a priest does something wrong, they can be forced by the higher powers to step down, the Catholic church then assigns another priest to take their place An Independent Baptist church does not work that way. There is no hierarchy therefore if a pastor does something like asks his congregation to dance under the full moon while sacrificing chickens, or putting homosexuals in electrified pens, THEIR church can ASK him to step down, but the reality is that no one can FORCE the man to step down, if and when the man does leave it will be up to that INDIVIDUAL church to find a new pastor. You may think this sounds strange but there are reasons for that. If for example you are a part of a church that has a hierarchical system, the people at the top of the hierarchy could implement a policy that is not beneficial to your church. Being an independent Baptist does have its benefits, BUT it also means that the church itself must be responsible for its goings on. Therefore in short it is up to THAT Church to take action. The most we can do as other Independent Baptists is speak out against this hate speech. There is a “church” (and i use that term VERY LOOSELY) called Westboro Baptist Church that believes that all the problems with the world are because of gay people. They have nothing but a message of hate. When I first found out about this I became so upset and actually was pleading with my pastor to “do something” about it. I wanted to go picket them, throw eggs at their church, I didn’t care let’s just do SOMETHING, but he said something that made a lot of sense: he stated that for one thing we are Independent Baptists so we can’t really DO anything that will make a lasting change, and also the Bible doesn’t tell us that we are supposed to spend our time taking down the idiots but rather to spread God’s message. Sadly though many times the messages of hate are said so loudly that people miss the messages of love.
I will point out that it’s easy to find such things online, because as my pastor states “all the other stuff is boring”. Let’s face it folks, we watch Jerry Springer because it’s dramatic, no one is interested in watching a reality show of the life of their 80 year old neighbor because their life is BORING. Boring lives, sermons about tolerance, kind people etc. don’t go viral. It’s the crazy dramatic hateful people that go viral. The fact that this video was found on a popular gay marriage site makes me sad. It seems like they almost look for things to hurt people with. Of course there are people out there that hate gay people, that hate black people, that hate disabled people, but if you are on a support site for those things, a video like that will only hurt the people involved. What purpose does that serve, to stir up hate in the other direction?

why does it matter if we (homosexuals) get married

Ok let me be candid for just a moment (not like I haven’t already been 🙂 ). I think Christians have gotten ourselves into quite a pickle. We are very outspoken about homosexuality and how that is a sin, but so is divorce. This is something that gets thrown in my face a LOT as a Christian. The Bible talks about divorce being for 2 reasons:

1. If you are married you get saved the other person doesn’t or won’t get saved and you don’t think you can work it out.

2. Infidelity (adultery)

In this instance I feel like yes, Christians have fallen short because it’s not spoken out against as much. So for those talking about the “sanctity of marriage”, let’s OWN UP, the sanctity of marriage is already very much damaged to some degree by the divorce rate, and something should be done about that.

Now as far as homosexuality specifically, my friend asked my why CHRISTIANS care weather they get married or not, and why is it OK for atheists or Buddhists to get married if they don’t believe as we do. We as Christians believe that God created marriage. He laid down the rules. Even in the old testament, people of other beliefs got married, and God’s people were told not to marry WITHIN THEM. This being said that rule is still the same, we are not supposed to marry someone of a different faith, but there’s nothing stopping them from marrying each other. Those are rules that we as Christians are held to. BECAUSE we believe that God created marriage, we can’t then change something we didn’t create. We can’t make NEW rules for something God already ordained. Example? The Bible clearly states that a pastor should be a husband of one wife. We can’t (or more accurately shouldn’t) just vote in someone to be a pastor who has 20 wives just because he’s a nice guy.

All this being said….if you don’t believe in God then your sexuality doesn’t really matter, it’s completely secondary, because the goal of the Christian should be to get you to come to Christ not to get someone to stop being homosexual, because the fact is homosexuality will NOT send you to hell I DON’T CARE WHAT WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH SAYS!

Many times I am asked why I don’t speak out like many Christians do against homosexuality. Here’s the deal: I have several homosexual friends, I see what they go through on a regular basis. I empathize with them because I have been discriminated against. Also, I have things in my OWN life that I need to be concerned about. I am not a perfect person, so I’m trying to be more focused upon what I need to change in my own life rather than what other people are doing. Hate is wrong, period. I will never condone it. I hear so much “hate the sin and love the sinner” but unfortunately it seems that many people can’t separate the two. If you are sitting there thinking “I definitely can” I want you to consider this: do you hate lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, and gossiping AS MUCH as you hate homosexuality? If not you should definitely be asking yourself why not because they are all sins. I hear “i wouldn’t vote a person into office who condones homosexuality” but we keep voting liars into office and no one seems to care. I’m not condoning homosexuality, but as my friend said today (and I thought this was VERY GOOD), “speaking out against hate speech doesn’t mean you are speaking FOR homosexuality”! I COMPLETELY agree with that. So I hope among other things, that you have gleaned from this post I am COMPLETELY against the hate speech this man made. It’s awful! I will NEVER condone that kind of behavior. Please feel free to give your comments (respectfully of course).

Also as a side note for those who have not read my home page, I do not approve comments with cursing or hate speech in it, so please edit accordingly.

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