Hobby Lobby

This has been a hot button issue lately so I thought i’d write a quick blog to get it off my mind.

So many people are up in arms about the fact that Hobby Lobby is not complying with the Obamacare mandate, but some key facts have fallen through the cracks.

1. Hobby Lobby has in no way said that they are against providing their employees with co-pay free contraception. Their issue is with the morning after pill. Unfortunately, the way the law is set up, even if they were to provide everything else, they would still be considered noncompliant annd have to pay the fines.
The morning-after pill has be contraversial from the start. The fact that it was included in the healthcare bill at all is surprising and disheartening. Basically Hobby Lobby is being told to fund something they believe to be wrong, or they will have to close their doors. Let’s be real, who can afford 1million daily in fines?

2. Hobby Lobby has a testimony. I highly doubt there’s an employee there who is shocked to find out that the owners are Christians. That would be like working for Chic-Fil-a and being shocked that the owners are Christian. They knew what they were walking into when they applied, and accepted the job. Hobby Lobby is doing nothing out of character for them.

3. The employees have been pretty silent. This is what gets me the most. The internet is FLOODED with people who claim to be “standing up” for Hobby Lobby employees by boycotting them, but it doesn’t seem like the employees are asking for any help. Wal-mart employees were ready to walk out because they had to work thanksgiving day, strikes happen all the time, and Hobby Lobby employees could be facing the unemployment line if Hobby Lobby can’t afford these fines. The employees are the ones who are in the best position to make a change, yet they aren’t doing any of that. Perhaps they are ok with it. Perhaps they knew this would happen. Who knows. But why are people trying to fight a battle for those who haven’t asked for help and quite frankly may not want their help?

4. Boycotting Hobby Lobby will only hurt the employees. The stores will have less business and that means less hours and money for employees. How is that helping them again?

5. The healthcare bill does not NOW require that employers fund abortions, but years from now it could. Then what? At what point do we start applauding people for standing up for their moral values?

My personal belief is that NO company should be forced to provide the morning-after pill. Unlike traditional birth control methods (ie. The pill or the shot), it has no alternative medical benefit. There are people on the pill or shot because it helps to regulate their hormones, or because it conrols the severity of their period. There are medical reasons to take those things. The only reason to take the morning after pill is if you were irresponsible and didn’t protect yourself during sexual intercourse, or had a mishap (which wouldn’t be so easy if you were using more than one means of contraception). Why again should your employer be forced to pay for your sexual indescretion?

I don’t want to hear the “rape” excuse either. In the event of a rape, if you are truly concerned about your body and health, you need to see a doctor, go to an ER do what you have to. ERs also provide financial assistance.

I’m just tired of people dragging down anyone of a higher status who dares to hold Christian values. There is no reason to boycott Hobby Lobby, as I said, it will only hurt the employees which people claim is who they are trying to help.

Ok rant over.

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