The daily battle

Recently my family has gone through a move. Like all moves, this one was stressful, but this one was even more stressful with the circumstances that lead to the move. There have even been times when we have questioned whether or not this is the move God would have us to make. 

The truth is though, God had made it clear to us that this is what he wanted us to do, and believe me, when I say “made it clear” God MADE IT CLEAR. Some people are able to just kind of “know” what God wants in their lives, and on some things, I think that we manage to do that, but on big things, my husband and I pray that God close every other avenue and only make the path that he wants us to go down possible. This time, it was almost as if he slammed every other door and pushed us through this one. So we were certain this is what God wanted in our lives. 

The problem came after that. See, we knew God wanted us to move, so we set out to make it happen. Did we pray every step of the way? Nope! In our minds we figured that since God was in it, there really wouldn’t be that many difficulties….or at least that’s what I thought. So, we did what comes naturally to humans, we went step by step trying to solve every problem that came about in this move, and BELIEVE ME there were problems. We had bank errors THREE times so much so that the bank ended up having to refund us money (that didn’t help us at the time that we needed the money though). We found out that the AC in the new house didn’t work, so on a day where it was 73 degrees outside it was 93 degrees in the house. The next day the temp was supposed to get hotter, and truthfully we didn’t have the money to repair it (or so we thought because in our minds every AC repair had to at least be $500! But we have twins with asthma, so keeping them in a home that is 93 degrees at 8pm and waiting for it to get hotter was simply not an option. It rained literally EVERY DAY that we moved, and I don’t mean sprinkling but POURING down rain. It has been rough, but the problem is, we waited until it got bad to REALLY pray. Of course when we were praying daily, we would say “God, you know about this move, please take care of it”, but as far as REALLY praying about it, our knees didn’t hit the floor, tears didn’t fall and we didn’t give it over to God until circumstances became out of our control and we just didn’t know what to do anymore. 

I bring this up because I’ve been thinking this morning about the daily battle that we go through. The devil is fighting to bring us down, God is fighting to keep us up, and we…many times…just aren’t fighting. When we don’t fight, it’s almost like fighting FOR the devil. I realized YESTERDAY when the THIRD bank error happened and I was thinking we wouldn’t be able to get the AC repaired, God had already brought us through something more intense than that, so the battle being fought right now had nothing to do with the heat, it had to do with my trust in God. 

I’m a worrier, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m pretty much worried ALL THE TIME, about….you know…everything. God knows this about me, and he’s working on me, but the problem is, the Devil knows it to. He can’t stop God from meeting my needs so that I DON’T worry, but what he can do is put every situation in my path that he can think of so that I will worry, and if I don’t pray and I mean REALLY pray on a daily basis, i’m helping the devil to win. 

So I said all of that to say this, regardless of what you are going through, what your weaknesses are and what your situation is, you need to give it over to God and REALLY pray about it. Don’t HELP the devil by trying to do it yourself, trusting in your own strength and then having to come to God completely broken to ask to fix it. Take it to him every day. I woke up feeling anxious this morning (great way to start the day! :() I couldn’t really pinpoint why, but the reason is, I have an enemy, who knows me. So once again on my knees until I no longer feel anxious. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to offer you that encouragement. Whatever you are going through, find strength in the Lord. If you are not saved, if you are not 100% certain that you will go to heaven when you die, contact me. Because if you aren’t sure, Satan is already winning the battle in your life. 




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